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Inventive Releasable Cable Ties


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Rapstrap is a novel releasable cable tie as seen on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. A softer more flexible alternative to traditional types of nylon cable ties, Rapstrap is like an elastic band, stretching and flexing to offer a softer binding. However, these innovative tie straps are super strong - tested to carry 12kgs.

Rapstrap is fully reusable due to its unique design. This cable strap is made of a long chain of cells that can slide through each other and pulled tight to secure - the remaining strap can be cut off and reused by simply looping back through the same opening.

Rapstrap typically replaces 3-5 traditional cable ties, reducing waste and lowering costs. Because they are releasable and reusable, these plastic fasteners have thousands of uses, from cable management at home or work to supporting plants in the garden and hanging signs outdoors.


Benefits Include:

  • Reusable and releasable cable tie
  • Soft and flexible binding
  • User friendly with thousands of uses
  • User friendly
  • Holds up to 12kgs
  • Stretch capability of up to 60%
  • Efficient - provides up to 5 ties per strip
  • Reduces waste


DIMENSIONS - 40cm x 47cm x 4cm

WEIGHT - 4800g

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Innovative releasable cable ties that are flexible and reusable, reducing waste.